How To Stream Videos To Different Devices

Technology paved its way on the development of different gadgets and devices to make life more convenient. Through technology every individual is given the chance to make the most out of their interests. They also have greater opportunities to explore the world around them and know the latest trends in their society. Technology has a handful of benefits- especially when used properly (and positively) besides the regular entertainment purposes.

There are lots of things that you can do on your devices to entertain you. Various mobile applications are available for you to choose from: giving you the chance to be more comfortable and confident in using gadgets and devices of your desire. Video streaming is one of the most popular ways to watch your favorite movies and videos nowadays. The primary convenience of streaming online is accessibility. Wherever and whenever you want it, you can get all of your favorite shows leapfrogged on the web. They also are hurting the conventional methods such as cable TV and DVD’s more than ever.

Watching your favorite shows and videos on your gadgets has never been easier. There are lots of streaming devices for you to choose from. Choosing the appropriate device merely depends on your budget, available gadgets, and watching frequency. It is good to know that there are smart televisions equipped with wireless chips that erase the need for a streaming box.

Here are some of the ways on how to stream videos to different devices:

  • For iPad, iPhone, and Apple computer. You have two ways to stream videos: Google Chromecast or Apple TV (that is if you have access to Apple’s AirPlay technology.) The latter one is considered to be the most effective option, especially when your hardware supports it. The following are required hardware:

Computer: OS X Mountain Lion or any later operating system or Mac that was built after 2011.

To check the year when the Mac was built, just go to the “About This Mac” located under the menu on screen’s upper left, then click on “More Info.”

Mobile Devices: iOS 5, iPod touch, iPad 2, and iPhone 4S.

Their operating systems are easier to upgrade. On the other hand, when you have hardware that is very old, there is the need to utilize Chromecast with some other minimal requirements.

  • Youtube- They have their own original shows, and features, from time to time. Make sure to subscribe to their spotlight to catch all of the action.

How to stream videos on TV

stream on laptop apps

There are various ways to stream videos on TV:

  • Google Chromecast – Using this lets you stream videos from any Google Chrome powser on both PC and Mac.
  • Apple TV – There are tons of people using an Apple TV to appease their needs for wireless video streaming. By using the AirPlay, your mobile device would be turned into a remote control responsible for allowing you to stream videos from near sources. AirPlay Mirroring lets you duplicate everything to fit inside your palm, with very little setup.
  • ROKU 3 – Since the year 2008, Roku been making progress as far as media streamers go. The latest iteration of Roku streams a video of 1080 by 720 px to your own TV in just a matter of seconds. This offers lots of channels for you to choose from. If you are streaming form Netflix, you will get the assurance that you will experience great quality in streaming. This supports variety of formats for videos, and it is compatible with MAC and PC.
  • Gaming console – Having the right tools, your gaming console can help you to stream right to your TV. Considering that Netflix is one of the most popular options when it comes to PS3, you only need to install the app from the PlayStation Network. Using your gaming console will save you the trip, space, and some money.
  • Boxee Box – This is one of the best options if you want to stream a specific digital media collection. This features the iconic remote having a QWERTY keyboard built at the back of the gadget. This supports various video formats for media and different channels and Netflix.
  • WD TV Live Streaming Media Player – This is very popular because of its hard drives being very reliable, and most of all well-built. This is equipped with Wi-Fi, and the built-in channels already in it. You can stream from external devices with the obligatory remote app for smart phones.
  • Connect your Laptop through HDMI – Plugging your laptop through the V’s HDMI is considered to be the easiest and fastest solution. People who are using MacBooks are required to look into Thunderbolt to the HDMI adapter. There are no lags, or hiccups. You can play local files on your VLC, HDMII- this method also enhances audio.
  • USB Plug-in – At your own convenience, you can also save all of your streams in an external drive, to later relax in the comfort of your own home, and go at your binge-watching.

Here is the best way to stream video to your TV and it doesn’t cost as much as cable and satellite television.. Technology has made it easier for people to be entertained and at the same time learn something new. There is nothing more exciting than watching your favorite movies and TV shows right at your own time. That’s why lots of people are doing everything in their power to stream videos that they want to watch.